Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak – These two names are enough to make anyone watch this short film even without revealing the plot. Because neither will their choice of work go wrong nor will their acting skills ever fail to convince us to believe in the message they are delivering.

With heaps of content available online, it’s difficult to choose what’s worthy of your time. We all are looking out for stories that stand out and stories that will stay with us. Phir Zindagi is a combination of both – a story that stands out and a story that stays with you.

To be very honest, this 55-minute film is simply repeating a message that has already been passed on to us through radio, TV, and print medium. The only difference here is that before you know, you will be subtly convinced by the storytellers to do so. Along with a message of Organ Donation, this short film changes your perspective towards life. It glorifies neither life nor death. But it teaches you to seek beauty in both and find peace in acceptance.

If you accept death, you may get a chance to live a little longer.
If you accept death, you may get a chance to breathe life into death.

This weekend, do not forget to give ‘Phir Zindagi’ 55-minutes of your life.

Till then, here’s a trailer of Phir Zindagi for you:

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